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心懷鴻鵠之志  翼若垂天之雲
登高達頂  展翅馭風  鷹翔萬里  鴻圖大展

Bright Future Comes
With great ambitions of a huge swan
Stretching the wings like the clouds in heaven
Ascending to the apex  Stretching its wings to the wind
Like a hawk flying afar  Bright future prospers


L9.8*W9.8*H4 cm


祥雲瑞彩  吉事有兆
天上麒麟送福來  歡慶富足自喜悅

The Unicorn Brings Good Fortune
The fortunate clouds and luck iris the good omen
The unicorn descends from the heaven, delivering good fortune
Happy and self-contend brings more joy



L9.8*W9.8*H4 cm


門闌現藹瑞  因緣福氣到
恭祝眉壽萬年  永受吉福
慶賀福壽康寧  洪福齊天

Good Fortune and Longevity
Peace and good fortune come to the door  Relationship and good fortune arrives
Congratulate for your longevity  Enjoying luckiness forever
Celebrate for good fortune, longevity, and peace  Luckiness and opulence high as sky


L9.8*W9.8*H4 cm


年年有餘好彩頭  事事順心妙吉兆
祈願來年  富裕豐收  永保無虞

Surplus Every Year
Surplus comes every year
the sign of good omen
Things are all smooth
good fortune comes
Wish the next year
A good harvest  guarantee excess forever


L9.8*W9.8*H4 cm


慧眼獨具  知人善任
適才適用  如魚得水

As fish in water
With wise eyes  entrusting the talent with great task
Employ the right talents on right task   as fish in water
To create a big business


L9.8*W9.8*H4 cm


蛟龍得水  出類拔萃  

氣魄非凡  獨當一面
才能威震八方  鰲頭獨占

Taking the lead
Like the dragon in the water  excels
With unsurpassable talents  accomplishes
With great talents outshine  taking the lead


L9.8*W9.8*H4 cm


群龍之首  待下之方
以德服人  恩威並濟

Glory and Virtue
The head of the dragons   the best way to lead the subordinate
With virtue   with both glory and grace
To influence the world


L9.8*W9.8*H4 cm


飛龍乘雲  志在四方  綜觀天下之勢
氣勢磅礡  技壓群雄  全心奮鬥  成果輝煌

Seeing the world
Flying dragon surfs over the clouds with the ambition to rule the world
Observing the conditions of the world
With magnificent power  subdues all
Striving to surpass with all your heart achieving handsomely


L9.7*W9.7*H5 cm


豐收之喜  辛勤為先
有一分耕耘  定有一分收穫
豐美成果  結實纍纍

Good Harvest
The joy of good harvest reaps from diligence
Plowing with diligence reaping with complacency
With full achievements fruits ripening everywhere


L9.8*W9.8*H4 cm


壯志豪情  自比天高  突破窠臼  求新求變
必須大刀闊斧  改革創新  才能有一番新氣象

Elated with Success
With a great and ambitious mind   promising oneself to sky high
Breakthrough all barriers  to seek innovation and novelty
To renovate with ambition and powerful rule
To bring new era in


L14*W4*H9.8 cm


以過人之智慧  掌握時機  乘勢而為
待水到渠成  瓜熟蒂落  享受豐潤的甜美果實

When the melon ripens it breaks from the stem
With exceptional wisdom
To grasp the opportunity; to exploit the chance in taking action
When the water comes, the duct is done. When the melon is ripens,

it breaks from the stem
Enjoy the delicious and sweet fruits you reap


L9.8*W9.8*H4 cm


恰如其分  即是和諧真意
其樂融融  相處愉悅

To make things just right  it is the essence of harmony
ll be merry and happy  to have perfect interrelationship
To create a new concordance era together


L34*W3.7*H40 cm


誰說女子無才便是德  期許自己  德慧皆備
冰雪聰明  蕙質蘭心  做一個內外兼美的女子

Wise Mind and Pure Heart
Who says that it is good for a woman to have no talent?
Expect yourself to have both moral and virtue
Wise an ice and snow   with a pure mind as orchid
To become a charming woman both internally and externally


L34*W3.5*H40 cm


竭盡心力  頻傳佳績
必可平步青雲  富貴利達

Acquiring rapid promotion and prosperity
Work ceaselessly  your amazing accomplishments are known to us all
But don
t be haughty and arrogant
You can get promoted rapidly  earning wealth and prosperity


L34*W5*H40 cm

坤水晶以對琉璃的熱愛為起點,堅持20年至品牌形象的穩固建立,藉著是對品質與在地的堅持。 2013年更開設了獨樹一幟的松菸文創園區玻璃工坊旗艦店, 成為台灣極具代表性的玻璃吹製體驗及各國觀光遊客首選。

Kun’s Crystal sets out from the passion towards lazurite, persisting in stabilized establishment of the brand image based on the persistence towards quality and locality. In 2013, the unique glass workshop flagship store in Songshan Cultural and Creative Park was further set up, becoming the first choice for iconic glass-blowing experience and for tourists from all places.

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