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L13*W5*H22 cm


L16*W6*H20 cm


L12*W5.5*H23 cm


L10*W7*H23 cm


L15*W5*H22 cm


L10*W5*H22 cm


L25*W10*H15 cm


L11.5*W8*H21.5 cm


L11.5*W5.5*H23.5 cm


L10.5*W4.5*H22 cm


L10.5*W4.5*H22 cm


L13*W4.5*H22 cm


L18*W5.5*H22 cm


(A) L9.5*W4*H22 cm

(B) L10.5*W4.5*H25 cm


L11*W5*H21.5 cm


L11*W5*H21.5 cm


 L11*W5*H21.5 cm


L12*W5*H22 cm


L11.5*W5.5*H22 cm


L10*W5*H22 cm


L11*W5*H23 cm


L11*W5*H23 cm


L11*W5*H23 cm


18.3*4*16.8 cm


18.3*4*16.8 cm


18.3*4*16.8 cm


(S) L7.6 × W6.1 × H24 cm

(M) L7.6 × W6.1 × H27 cm

(L) L7.6 × W6.1 × H30 cm


(A) 12.5*4*15 cm

(B) 15.4*4.9*18.5 cm



10*5*21.3 cm



8*4.5*17 cm

坤水晶以對琉璃的熱愛為起點,堅持20年至品牌形象的穩固建立,藉著是對品質與在地的堅持。 2013年更開設了獨樹一幟的松菸文創園區玻璃工坊旗艦店, 成為台灣極具代表性的玻璃吹製體驗及各國觀光遊客首選。

Kun’s Crystal sets out from the passion towards lazurite, persisting in stabilized establishment of the brand image based on the persistence towards quality and locality. In 2013, the unique glass workshop flagship store in Songshan Cultural and Creative Park was further set up, becoming the first choice for iconic glass-blowing experience and for tourists from all places.

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